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Superman Escape Caravans
are Australia's number one top-of-the-line caravan dealer. We deal with various world's top manufacturers whose new and used caravans we proudly offer for caravan enthusiasts in Melbourne. It is our pride that we provide the best quality service for our valuable customers.

As market leaders

We have faith in delivering unsurpassed service to our respectable clients, ensuring that they are the ideal caravan for their need and ongoing after-sales support. If you also want to enjoy a trip on the road in your very own fleet, Superman Escape is sure to have one that will fit your needs.

We are so passionate about caravanning that we have hand-picked only the best designs from around the world so that our customers can share our passion for adventure. You’ll find the world’s best producers for sale here.

It is in our best interest to ensure that you have the top and best quality caravan model. We have a wide range of models available that are sure to suit your needs and wants at your convenience. Our industry professionals have done the hard work for you, ensuring our models are the latest on the market and provide the best value possible for our customers. That is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our service and fleet of caravans available. Like to have a look at our caravans available? Head over to our model pages to find the perfect model for your upcoming adventures around Australia. 

If you have any problems

 with your caravan, you can contact our mechanics. We can locate and rapidly fix all the major and minor issues your fleet might have as highly qualified and professional mechanics. We will do so with the utmost efficiency. Contact us via our contact page to request your query from our team, and we will respond with all the details you need. Contact superman escape if there is a need for caravan maintenance or repairs and our experts, and we will not sit until you get the solution to your problem. Our team cares about your ability to enjoy driving your luxury caravan and take it to wherever you want to take it along with you. So we’re here to help with minor technical problems and service and repair in the journey of vehicle injury. We’re always available whenever there is a need for us: We, as a caravan dealership, know you don’t want your caravan parked in the backyard or garage; you want to take out your caravan to the roads. Our group of experts will quickly complete your aftercare, so you’re ready to embark on your next bigger adventure.

As Melbourne's Caravans dealer

We feel confident in saying that our collection comprises of top quality models on the market. We have done the homework, searching through a variety of luxury vans that meet our high-quality expectations, and we have now added the latest Caravans to our fleet and are on their way to coming to our lineup of different top brands.

Besides the services mentioned above

we provide you with the best experience of enjoying insurance and caravan finance under the same umbrella. We aim to have the best possible experience for our customers with our goods’ best quality and expertise. Since our sales team has experienced the complexities of the caravan lifestyle, you can trust their personal experience. They understand what customers value, and it is their mission to assist you in finding your ideal caravan so that our customers can enjoy the same caravan lifestyle that most of them do.

Please contact us and let us know that how we can assist you. You can also contact us by phone (mentioned on the contact page) if you have any questions.