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Can you imagine you live on the bridges, roads, roads in Australia, or anywhere you want? You will do so if you plan to live forever in your car.

Superman Escape Caravans would love to welcome you to the motorhomes. While holding your lovely bed, kitchenette and loading outlet, a stunning breakthrough enables you to discover and observe nature.

A motorhome is a big car designed to live on the road. It has a kitchen and often a bathroom with one or two beds. Usually, motorhomes have sleeping rooms for 2–8 people. Each sleeping area is either fitted or converted from another section of the car’s interior into a folding sofa. There is a corridor with a kitchenette. The type of appliances used vary, but typically there is a kitchenette with a stovetop, a microwave, a fridge, a sink, according to the engine house and model. More premium models can also supply a microwave. The chairs also transfer to the lounge.


Pros and cons of staying in your motorhome


It is less costly than a home

the cost of cars and all other miscalculated expenses is lower than the cost of living in a House.


you can vacuum the whole house in about an hour or two. But, of course, it'd be much cleaner, and you'll do a fine job!

Energy prices

motorhomes can not mount petrol costs if you do not drive about regularly and remain a reasonable sum. Moreover, it is very inexpensive to plug in equipment in a car park compared to the ever-increasing expense of house electricity.

New civilisations and inhabitants

The nomadic life of 'full time' ensures that you will experience a whole more expansive range of people than at home.

Parking is inexpensive

most camping sites or motorhomes are pretty cheap to use on a nightly basis, so you don't put a dent into your pockets even though you sleep anywhere for a couple of days.



As expenses are too diverse in different ways, it can be impossible to set or adhere to a target. You can find that in some places you pay much more than intended.


Washing services on the campsite can be costly. A big bucket with a lid in the shower cubicle will be a cheaper choice. Drying clothing may be an issue as tumble dryers can often be costly on the campsite.

Weather and seasons

Be ready to wrap in cabinets and build a low-temperature tolerance, particularly in wintertime in Europe. Isolation of the wall cavity for motor homes is impossible, and fires on cold autumn nights are not open.

There are several weighing considerations before an agreement concludes, but it is unwilling to find one that ticks the right bell. Price and maintenance, but not least, are also essential elements. Superman Escape Caravans address these aspects. See us at Superman Escape Caravans, where motorhomes are cheap to purchase.