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Lotus caravans

Proudly manufactured and owned in Australia since 2004, Lotus Caravans blends innovative designs with premium materials and excellent manufacturing to create a second-to-none caravaning theme.

Since its establishment in 2004, Lotus Caravans gained a reputation of dominance due to the excellent commitment to the caravan industry. Lotus Caravans revolutionised the world of vacation and camping through their specially built caravans. Lotus Caravans has been able to have unmatched caravaning experience in Australia by mixing high-quality fabrics with excellent artistry.

Quality checks are necessary before the sold of the sturdy, new, eye-catching Lotus Caravan. A quality supervisor monitors strict quality requirements from the beginning and during all stages of caravan building. The caravan is subject to quality control until completed as compliance with structural and safety standards is reviewed. Then, after a rigorous washing and polishing, a more comprehensive review is carried out by a management team member. And then does the caravan go from the factory.

Superman Escape Caravans are Melbourne and the reliable Australian caravan dealer. You can also book or visit the Lotus Caravan online.

Our Lotus caravans are available

Adventure is awaiting the most famous caravans in Australia. The Lotus Caravan Series has plans to cope with the convenience and elegance of Australia’s train of the next generation by unveiling new world-class safety and equipment.

Combining safety, reliability and durability, Lotus Carava’s range of on-road and off-road caravan models has reset consumer standards for caravans. Six distinctive trains are famous for Lotus Caravans:

The off-road range

• Trooper
• Off-Grid
• Freelander

The on-road range

• Hollywood
• Crystal River
• Transformer

Their conveniences in an extensive floor plan and high-quality architecture, which easily meets your needs and is famous for on and off-road driving, are trendy.

The 2021 pattern for Lotus Caravans not only reveals how its product portfolio grows but is also committed to constructing secure and most competent caravans for tourist transport in caravan history. For instance, the first offroad caravan with a dust removal scheme, leading industry battery capacity and 240 litres of water storage is for the most challenging conditions. Moreover, the suspension system designs to handle all off-road throws, while the custom wheels are ideal in the harshest area.

The interior design is out of the world, with a gourmet kitchen equipped with top quality benchtops and hardware and a fun system that takes your life on the highway to a different level.

If the new or used Lotus caravan is to be purchased? Why not take a virtual walk in our stock. The only source of assistance and after-sales guarantees is the purchase point. When they travel, Lotus’ competent and dedicated dealer organises urgent activity, if necessary. Our two dealers help you find and repair your caravan with minimal driving noise.

We are delighted to be part of Superman Escape Caravan in Melbourne and Australia with premium caravan brands. In a couple of fast moves, we invite you to purchase your caravan with your favourite brands.