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New age caravans

In 2004 New Age Caravans started to provide a structural framework. In Campbellfield, the main centre of caravan production in Australia, they sub-contracted a host of high profile caravan producers.

New Age moved from the supply of the caravan industry to the manufacture of caravans after four years of service and using highly qualified personnel.

New Age Caravans was established in 2008 to boost an industry already heavily dependent on old designs and materials. The commodity has placed on the market with a relatively favourable reaction. The caravan industry in Australia has credits rightly with revolutionising the transition to an urban, modern apartment-style from timber and rustic interiors.

Their contribution and dedication to the research and advancement of new contemporary caravan architecture saw them as industry pioneers.


Melbourne and the trustworthy Australian caravan dealer are Superman Escape Caravans. Any individual version is available at unbelievably low prices in our online store. The New Age Caravan can also be booked or visited online.

Our caravans of the new age are available.

Adventure awaits Australia’s most renowned caravans. The New Age Caravan Series designs to cope with the comfort and luxury of the next generation Australian caravan by unveiling new safety and technology of the world-class.

Big Red

The Big Red Range has many fun new features. Completely working family refrigerator, big two-door freezer, front-loading washing machine, solar panels, outdoor speakers and much more from seamless and stylish exterior LED strips to full internal ensuite (with shower and toilet), fully functioning. Travel Australia with comfort and different slide-out, bunk style and club lounges.

Desert Rose

The range Desert Rose is the perfect caravan for adventurers. The Desert Rose is a favourite of the people who go on longer, rugged voyages, wherever you want to explore. This large caravan offers a detailed list of features that guarantee a comfortable adventure. Explore Australia's charm with the Desert Rose and all the comforts you need to take a pleasant ride off the beaten track.


The Gecko is one of our most versatile items. The Gecko collection includes pairing designs, bunk configurations, pop-up layouts. The lightweight and compact style with a folding bed of all kinds saves room, allows you to still enjoy all the conveniences on the road. The Gecko has a fully fitted kitchenette, a comfortable dining room, a bathroom, and enough storage space to give you all from a full-size caravan.

Whether you are going to buy the fresh or used New Age caravan? Why not take our inventory virtually. The buying point is the sole provider of support and after-sales promises. If required, the professional and devoted New Age dealer shall, when they fly, conduct urgent business. In addition, our two dealers are helping you with less driving noise to find and restore your caravan.