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About us

Melbourne’s leading dealer with new and used caravans, Superman Escape Caravans
For productive purchases of new and used caravans, hundreds of Australians are now using Superman Escape Caravans. Our consumers have the advantage of selecting fresh and utilised trains that can be personalised to their unique experience in hundreds of premium inventories.

Superman Escape Caravans

is the specialist Melbourne dealer for new and used caravans, and the demand is unmistakable with our stock of on-road and off-road fleets. We actively stock hundreds of leading caravan brands, complemented by tens of regular additions.

Superman Escape Caravans

has carefully chosen Australian caravan suppliers that supplement our new caravans and offer premium after-sales support. Our preferred vendors bring the highest production and latest caravan models to our regular stock to provide our customers with various varieties.

Lotus Caravans

In 2004. lotus caravans introduce the ultimate objective of making caravans luxurious and pleasant with state-of-the-art technologies and creative designs. Today, 300 to 400 units a year are built by Lotus Caravans, and they rely significantly on consumers' needs.

New Age Caravans

It was created in 2008 to support an increasingly heavily dependent industry on old designs and materials. With a very favourable response, the product outshines in the market.

The Hilltop Caravans

They dedicated to creating and manufacturing leading caravans constructed to fulfil the demanding requirements of a luxurious and peaceful house in Australia.


Now, Jayco will take you on your next trip for over 45 years as Australia's most successful caravan brand. Jayco is now one of the world's leading brands of low-cost, high-quality recreational vehicles and the most well-known Australian manufacturer.


In the last twenty years, Avan revolutionised the caravan industry. Since the humble beginning of the workshop in Hallam Victoria, Avan has become a leading Australian caravan and motorhome manufacturer.

The general public in Australia is our trustworthy outlet for the used caravans. We buy our used caravans and upgrade them for re-sale from the general public in Australia.

So you can buy proven and well-documented new and used caravans 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with only a few clicks from Superman Escape Caravans.

We also provide access to caravan maintenance, insurance, finance for caravans and insurance.

We respect consistency and standards at Superman Caravans, which means that on Superman Escape Caravans, we mention quality marks. We are investing too much money and time to ensure that our caravans not only satisfy our requirements but surpass our customers’ needs. The personal experience in fleets and the expertise of our salespeople represent our brands’ reputation. If you are looking for a caravan or need assistance in choosing a perfect fit for your lifestyle, our personnel will be there with you as they appreciate what is most important to our clients.

We agree that our workers should be people whose lives and hobbies revolve around caravans, so we concentrate on the overall experience. We are confident that people who know about and are enthusiastic about caravanning can care for your needs.

We are still alive to the fact that your style and taste are uniquely distinctive. That is why we give you the chance to purchase your caravan of choice and let our workers adapt it in the exact shape you want, be it colour, accessories and much more.

Our friendly and welcoming team will provide you with 24-hour support and advice with our extensive stock of caravans. We follow the buying, after purchases and all other purchase logistics processes for you.