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Sell your Caravan

If you are actually interested in selling your caravan but not finding the “right” buyers for your vehicle, let us help you sell your caravan. Either you want to update your old caravan with the new one, or you feel like you don’t want to have a personal caravan for you, sell it out. Superman Escape Caravan is your assistant to help you sell your caravan.

Who are we?

Getting a private buyer for your caravan can be a difficult task for you to complete. It is hectic and time-consuming at the same time. We, Superman escape, are here to get your out of your trouble. We find the right buyers for you and sell your caravan to them. Initially, we purchase it on their behalf. Once you have confirmed your requirements and specifications about your caravan via selling your caravan, we will arrange a personal meeting if required. Your location doesn’t matter if you are into selling a caravan in real. We will pick up your caravan for free after the sale is completed, and you will be paid immediately. We’ll buy any make or model of touring caravan, whether it’s a small two-berth or a large six-berth family caravan.


Please note that selling significantly older models can be time-consuming; because we are the dealers, we need to find the buyer for your product so that older models can take longer than usual.

Call or email the caravans team for more details, and you’ll be on your way to selling your caravan in no time.

How we do it?

We follow the following three basic steps for selling your caravan for you.

1: Gathering information

Initially, we gather information related to the caravan model you have. We want you to express the features and specifications of your caravan. Please let us know that what is your demand and what you are expecting in return. Is your caravan insured or not? Are you legally eligible for selling the caravan or not.

All you have to do is contact us; our team will reach out to you within a shorter period.

2: Locating the Buyer

After gathering all the essential information we require, we move towards the stunts for selling your caravan. After a keen inspection, we will take photos of your caravan for advertisement purposes. Our team will adequately monitor the progress. Once we find out the right buyer for your caravan, we will inform you in no time. Later on, we will move towards further proceedings.

3: Payment

Once we find out that the documents are clear from your side, we do the rest of the legal work and paperwork to ensure that everything is crystal clear. In some cases, we will request you to let the buyer have a test driving. If all things went well, we would pay you immediately after the deal.

Please contact us and let us know that how we can assist you. You can also contact us by phone (mentioned on the contact page) if you have any questions regarding selling your caravan.