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Jayco is now able to lead you on your next journey as the most profitable caravan brand in Australia for over 45 years. Every Jayco bases on the firm promise that all Australians will discover our magnificent country safely and openly. Designed and assembled by a network of more than 150 distributors, support agents, consultants and suppliers and best-in-class manufacturers, safety and building experts, and at Jayco’s state-of-the-art factory, you can ride comfortably and beautifully.

Jayco is also one of the best-known brands globally and Australia’s most famous maker of low-cost, high-quality leisure vehicles.

The business is committed to designing and producing leading model caravans intended to cope with the problematic conditions in Australia that offer a relaxed and luxurious home.

Superman Escape Caravans are Melbourne and the trusted Australian Jayco Caravans dealer. We are pleased to give you all customised models in our online store at meagre prices. We also give you the possibility to book your physical inspection or to visit Jayco Caravan online.

Our Jayco variety collection

Australia’s most famous caravans are waiting for adventure. With the launch of new world-class equipment and safety features, the Jayco caravan range builts to survive the Australian conditions with all the comfort and elegance of our next generation caravans.


Jayco Starcraft is one of the best-known caravans globally, offering top-quality value at low prices. Jayco Starcraft has two separate floors sleeping between 3 and 5 people. It equips with aluminium coverings, leading aluminium walls with full insulation on the market, aluminium frame and exterior plying, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer.


The Jayco Journey has been designed with a multi-layered vaccine connected wall and fills with unique features like Sfere Wifi and GPS and the option of your own Amazon Alexa personalised assistant. You can switch the light on and off with Amazon Alexa, turn on the TV, adjust the air conditioner and use essential voice controls to monitor weather forecasting.


Jayco Expanda is a full-height caravan capable of accommodating nine young families and those after a camping vehicle conversion to buy their first family caravan. It has two wide double beds, twin (optional triple) beds and the possibility of transforming the lounge for two more children into a bed. The standard amenities include a fully fitted bathroom with a separate shower and toilet, air conditioning and ample bench space.

Think about buying a fresh or used caravan of Jayco? Why not take a virtual tour from our stock. Your purchase point is the only source of assistance and guarantees for after-sales operation. When they fly, they will organise work of urgency by Jayco’s trained and dedicated dealer, as required. Our two dealers can help you search and repair your caravan with minimal disruption to drive.

With luxurious caravan labels in Melbourne and Australia, we are glad to be a member of Superman Escape Caravan. We urge you to pick your caravan in a few easy steps and help you buy it from your favourite brands.