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5th Wheelers

What stopped you if you never did that? If you are just like most Australians, the fact that you sacrifice so many vital products and services is because of resources, equipment or the general disaster that you are rightfully afraid that disasters will impede the sublime and calm environment provided by mother nature.

It would be a great pleasure to show Superman Escape Caravans to you: the 5th wheeler. A breathtaking breakthrough enables you to enjoy and watch nature while keeping your beautiful bed, kitchenette and loading outlet.

Our presence in Superman Escape Caravans in Melbourne and around Australia connected with luxury 5th wheel brands is proud. We invite you to choose your dream 5th wheel from your favourite brands and to help you buy it in a few quick steps.

Fifth Wheelers Australia was born in 2003 with the clear idea of bringing the American luxury fifth wheel to Australia. With significant commitment and hard work, Fifth Wheelers Australia is your one-stop Fifth Wheel specialist! So fast, this dream turned into a family business. From beginning to end, our seasoned team will do a first-class job on your device. Our equipment and technicians can repair and maintain your vehicle whether you own a caravan or motorhome.


Trailblazers 230E

The vehicular width, flat fibreglass composite roof and composite walls, and thick floor result in a robust, galvanised steel frame with a comprehensive, monocoque body. At the same time, the upswing rear carpeting makes the spare wheel so that its weight remains low while maintaining its angle.

Jayco 5th wheeler

This atmosphere improves with the five massive double-glazed windows, two wide opening roof elevators and an LED-leaf dam - the leading ceiling lights with three degrees of brightness. In a phrase, in this vehicle, you feel remarkable.

Sunliner Northshore 29

In the fifth wheelers of the Sunliner, there are two specification ranges. In addition to the front bin under the overhang (which also has access from a nearside door), three are on either side; there is no lack of exterior storage in this fifth wheel.

We take care of these things and build more on your desires and wishes, so you don’t need to look for a better outlet if you want cheap and high-quality 5th wheels than Superman Escape Caravans.

Benefits of using 5th wheelers

Travelling trailers are the cheapest choice in caravans, but fifth rollers can have outstanding value. Fifth wheels of the same size and equivalent comforts are much less costly than motorhomes.

In general, the fifth wheels are more stable. The caravan has a lower risk and is aerodynamic than many trailers because of the available configuration of the fifth wheel.

It is good to go in the 5th wheel, but it is not right to pick the right one because there are many things to consider before the deal is final. Price and maintenance, but not least, are also essential elements. These aspects are dealt with by Superman Escape Caravans. Take a look at the 5th wheelers at Superman Escape caravans.

We are proud to be associated with premium caravan brands at Superman Escape Caravans in Melbourne and all over Australia. We encourage you to select your dream caravan from your favourite brands and help you purchase it in a few straightforward measures.