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Avan revolutionised the caravan industry in the last 20 years. Avan has been a leading Australian maker of camper caravans and motorhomes since the modest start in a workshop in Hallam Victoria.

A premium line of caravans, motorhomes and campers is offered through innovative building methods, elegant styles and handmade interior. As many other Australians discover the unique appeal of our goods, Avan’s incredible success is already growing.

Avan’s innovative building methods and elaborate designs provide various high-quality caravans. As numerous other Austrians discover the unique attractiveness of our goods, the A’van continues to develop.

The company dedicates to designing and manufacturing leading caravan models designed for the harsh conditions in Australia, offering a relaxed and lavish home away from home.

Melbourne and Australia’s trusted Avan Caravans distributor is Superman Escape Caravans. We’re happy to have custom ordered and second-hand versions available for you both in our online shop at meagre rates. You can also book a physical inspection with us or visit our Avan Caravan range online.

Our selection of caravan range

We take care of these things and build more on your desires and wishes, so you don’t need to look for a better outlet if you want cheap and high-quality 5th wheels than Superman Escape Caravans.


The first Avan! its unique architecture delivers 100% solid wall building and assemblies in less than 30 seconds! Smooth panel design with super-strength, isolated internal and wound windows guarantee greater comfort and safety than any other folding mobile. Six different interface choices provide for Aliner. Wide storage, spacious bedroom and quality kitchens make Aliner one of our most famous transporters.


Cruiser and Cruiseliner have a higher road clearance, improved suspension, and a larger pneumatic model with increased room and living room. In addition, the cruiser is the most lightweight in length; Cruiseliner has a substantial front storage boat to remove anything that you need for your holiday.


Release an AdventurePLUS caravan from your inner explosions. This little bit deeper on the undeveloped path is our Avan AdventurePLUS range. Avan AdventurePLUS upgrades the conventional caravan range of Aliner and Cruiseliner, retaining the standard camping configurations with rougher characteristics and more ground clearance for a more daring approach.

Thought to own an Avan caravan, fresh or used? Why not choose from our stock or go on a visit. Your point of sale dealer will be the sole source of support for after-sales service and warranties. When travelling, the most trained and committed dealer from Avan will organise works of urgency as required. Our dealers are ready to assist you in checking your caravan and patch it with minimum travel damage.

We are happy to be part of Superman Escape Caravans in Melbourne and Australia with luxury caravan brands. We invite you to choose your caravan and help you buy it from your favourite brands in a few simple steps.