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Hilltop caravans

works, what doesn’t work, and how to benefit from every inch of room in the interior. As a result, we at Hilltop Caravans can advise Australian leading manufacturers to ensure that all caravans, including new equipment and optional updates, are of the highest standard.

If you’re looking for new, modern, used motorhomes or caravans, please visit Hilltop Caravans’ experts here. Hilltop caravans are a long-standing, well-established, family-friends caravan and motor homes manufacturer with over 40 years of seasoned industry experience.

You’ve ever got the best and most thorough operation. And the caravan had been vacuumed, ready to go. Class one. Great company with whom you can deal.

The company is committed to developing and manufacturing leading model caravans built to meet the challenging demands of a peaceful and luxury house in Australia.

Melbourne and the trustworthy Australian caravan dealer are Superman Escape Caravans. All customised versions are available at meagre prices in our online shop. You can also book your physical inspection or visit the online Hilltop Caravan.

Our range of Hilltop caravans

The most popular caravans of Australia are expecting adventure. The Hilltop Caravan Series designs to withstand the Australian environment with all the comfort and luxury of our next-generation train by launching modern world-class equipping and safety functions.


A new air breath. Wow, factor loads. In the end: the Macedonian Hilltop Caravans were elegant. It uses modern equipment internally and utilises space excellently. The toilet, by the way, is one of the finest you have ever seen. The layout includes a front room, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor coffee table, and a back bathroom. The bedroom has the standard bedside lockers and lateral wardrobes, but each bedside table has a wireless loader – throw your compliant phone or tablet on the black pad and the rest of the electronics.


The Feathertop series, available in three different layout variants, is one example. It looks clever and sleek, well arranged, and while on the road, its compact footprint includes a few sacrifices. You would gladly sacrifice the advantages of such a caravan, which include its slight weight, manoeuvrability and simplicity of towing.

Hilltop has a queen-sized bed with overhead lockers, large bedrooms and lighting on the nose of the truck. While the tunnel boot occupies some under bed storage space, a fair amount of space still seems available here.

If you want to buy a new or used Hilltop caravan? Why not take our stock on a virtual walk. Your buying point is the only source of support and after-sales guarantee. When they fly, the skilled and committed dealer of Hilltop will organise urgent work, if needed. Then, with minimum driving disturbance, our two dealers will help you to find and restore your caravan.

We are pleased to be a part of Superman Escape Caravan with luxury caravan brands in Melbourne and Australia. We encourage you to choose and buy your caravan on your favourite brands in a few quick steps.